PTO launches Definitive Data Analytics and Statistics Website

The Professional Triathletes Organisation (PTO) has launched a new triathlon data platform for professional triathletes – The comprehensive data base will allow triathlon fans to analyze past performances for PTO professionals, and also provides comparisons of PTO pro athletes over various distances and courses along with best performances in individual distances. The statistical site will be a great resource for fans to keep track of athletes and will be an equally, if not more, useful for media looking to analyze race results and preview upcoming races.

According to the PTO, the new site will provide:

  1. A single platform for key performance stats and analytics on all PTO Professionals
  2. Equal representation of male female athletes
  3. All-time record scores and times
  4. A consolidation of major long-course triathlon results since 1978
  5. The new home of PTO World Rankings and Collins Cup Qualification Standings
  6. Head-to-Head athlete comparison capability across disciplines

“Triathlon fans are all too painfully aware that sources of triathlon stats are limited and disparate,” says Christophe Balestra, Chief Technology Officer at the PTO. “Fans would have to browse multiple sites to get a consolidated view of stats from men’s and women’s race performances. This is about to change as the PTO launches a one-stop -shop for current and historic triathlon data and analytics”.

“In today’s ‘Moneyball’ world, sports are driven by data and statistics,” says Charles Adamo, Executive Chairman of the PTO. “Triathlon, by the nature of its three disciplines, creates immense amounts of data. When presented together with the personalities and sporting drama that races produce, this data makes for an engaging and thrilling experience. We are now able to showcase PTO Professionals via personality driven storylines and supplement it with the in-depth performance data that highlights their tremendous competitive accomplishments. Our goal is to implement and deliver this data to fans in an exciting and user-friendly way.”