Former pro triathlete James Cunnama moves to UK to join GTN as presenter

(Marcel Hilger / Facebook James Cunnama)

“The cat is out of the bag…” When James Cunnama announced his retirement a few months ago, he mentioned that we wouldn’t stop seeing him in the triathlon scene. Now we know why: the former South-African pro triathlete will join Global Triathlon Network (a video platform) as a presenter. That means Cunnama and his wife, Jodie Swallow Cunnama, who is also a former pro triathlete, and three kids, will move from South Africa to England.

“We’ll shortly be saying goodbye to all this in sunny Stellenbosch and making our new home in the UK,” Cunnama wrote under an Instagram photo of his bike in the sun. “I can’t wait to start this new chapter and face new challenges with my amazing family. The challenges start with getting there and hotel quarantine, but if any family can handle it, ours can.”