Ironman Lake Placid can take place as long as participants “provide proof of vaccination.”


According to officials in Lake Placid, New York, Ironman has agreed with a set of rules and restrictions that include “proof of vaccination” – in essence a vaccine passport – and a 20 percent reduction to the participant list in order to hold Ironman Lake Placid on July 25, 2021.

The news was reported on the Regional Office of Sustainability Tourism (ROOST) website yesterday.

“The North Elba Town Board approved the 2021 Ironman Lake Placid triathlon and Summit Lacrosse events following in-depth written and oral presentations from Summit Lacrosse and Ironman representatives, which included assurances of a reduction of athletes by 20% and that eligible athletes, coaches, officials, vendors, staff, volunteers and spectators in designated event areas will be required to provide proof of vaccination,” Jay Rand, Town of North Elba Supervisor, is quoted in the story. “We thank the organizers for exceptional efforts to conduct these events with the highest degree of safety, and we wish safe and successful events to both Ironman and Lacrosse organizations.”

There is a good chance that the 20 percent reduction in competitors will be easily attained because Canadian athletes are not likely to be fully vaccinated, or able to travel without quarantine restrictions, by July – Lake Placid is traditionally a popular event with Canadian triathletes.

To date there’s been no official word from Ironman about the new race stipulations, but it would appear that Ironman officials have agreed to the proposed format.

“Both organizations have done a great job of complying with State, County, and Local requirements. This, along with their willingness to reduce their fields and require proof of vaccinations for their athletes, staff, officials, volunteers, vendors, and spectators, has allowed both the Town and the Village to welcome Ironman and Summit Lacrosse back to Lake Placid,” Art Devlin, Lake Placid Mayor, said.

It won’t just be athletes who are required to have a “vaccine passport” to be able to attend the event – according to ROOST “the event organizers agree that all requisite athletes, staff, officials, volunteers, vendors, and spectators, who are eligible for the vaccine will show proof of vaccination in designated event areas / venues. All event organizers are responsible for providing a system to ensure proof of vaccination at all entry points to designated event areas / venues. Specifics on this procedure will be approved by Town and Village officials prior to the event.”