Jeanne Lehair wins ET Cup Olsztyn after photo finish with Diana Isakova

(Archive photo: Facebook Jeanne Lehair)

It was an exciting finish between France’s Jeanne Lehair and Russia’s Diana Isakova, today at the Europe Triathlon Cup Olsztyn. It came down to a photo finish between the two, but it was Lehair who ended up just a few centimeters ahead of her rival. Lehair came across the finish line in first place in 1:00:12. Isakova took second and Russia’s Yuliya Golofeeva third (+0:11).

After the swim both the gold and silver medalists were right in the mix. Isakova reached her bike in first place after a 9:58 swim, with Lehair in third. Golofeeva had to bridge a gap of thirteen seconds during the bike and run to make up for the time she lost in the water.

On the bike Lehair had pushed herself to the lead. Isakova was in the same group, but racked her bike a few seconds later. On the run Isakova soon started to make up time. Lehair completed the five km in 16:51, which was 10 seconds slower than Isakova, but just fast enough to claim the win.