Michael Raelert shares “four stages of racing Challenge Riccione,” Sebastian Kienle responds

(Archive photo: Michael Raelert Instagram)

Michael Raelert and Sebastian Kienle – both Germans –  weren’t too satisfied with their race at Challenge Riccione last weekend. While Kienle couldn’t really complain about his third place finish, as he has struggled with an Achilles injury for the past weeks, still the former Ironman world champion wasn’t too happy about his race execution. He lost more time during the swim than he had hoped for, and it took a while before Kienle managed to move back to the front of the race. Raelert, on the other hand, was in the front of the race for a while, but dropped back on the run and finished 13th. He shares some of his race thoughts on Instagram, and got a response from Kienle.

“There were four stages of racing for me in Riccione. One: I feel great, and finally I’m going to win again. Two: I feel a bit tired and at least I hope I make the podium. Three: ‘ouch’, I am totally gone and wish I’ll make it to the finish line. Four: My name is? Where am I? Mom?” Raelert adds: “This was unexpectable hard for a half Ironman and I never thought it’s possible to hurt myself on that distance so ugly. But at least I’ve learned something new: yes you can!”

Kienle recognizes this all too well. “Those four stages I know very well,” he comments. “I would have wished for you to have stayed in stage one or two. But the best was that we could finally be on the start line together again. Like veterans by now,” he jokes. “And you also know how great it feels when you turn these four stages around,” Kienle adds with a winking face.

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