MultiSport Research survey results give indication of athletes’ attitude towards COVID-19 and racing

(Photo: Mike2603, Pixabay)

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, MultiSport Research has regularly examined how athletes feel about the situation regarding the coronavirus, with a special eye on multisport. Their most recent survey – among 3,300 athletes – was in April 2021 and can be compared to results of surveys in April 2020, June 2020 and January 2021.

In comparison to early 2021, athletes seem to have more faith in the possibility of racing this year. Many athletes responded that they consider a good training regime important at the moment, with the possibility of races taking place in the back of their minds. In general, athletes are more positive about the near future when it comes to racing. 86 percent of athletes expect to be racing this year, of which 69 percent expects to race in spring or summer. In January 2021 that was 83 and 68 percent respectively.

However, it’s mostly the smaller races that people will consider. Only one third of the respondents noted they feel comfortable racing in events that attract over 3,000 participants.

Preference for national races

Additionally, most people still have a strong preference for national events. But, to participate in an event, people are ready to travel further than a few months ago. 49 percent of the respondents said they would travel over 100 miles (160 km) for a national race. In January that was 35 percent. For international travel the number drops to 10 percent, that number hasn’t really changed.

Less worried about health

People are a lot less worried about the health consequences of the coronavirus. That number has dropped back to 38 percent. In January 2021 that number rose in comparison to June 2020.

Also, financially fewer people feel worried. 21 percent of the respondents are worried about the financial impact of the coronavirus. In April 2020 that number was, at 43 percent, a lot higher.

Just like other surveys indicated, 71 percent of people would accept a price rise for races if that means the event can be held in 2021. 29 percent of the respondents are still unsure whether they would accept that.