World Triathlon shares dates for Multisport Championships 2022

(Photo: World Triathlon)

World Triathlon just announced the exact week when the World Triathlon Multisport Championships 2022 will take place in Townsville, North Queensland, Australia: Aug. 18-28, 2022. It’s been a while since we enjoyed the last Multisport Championships in Pontevedra (Spain) in 2019. In 2020 the event was supposed to take place in Almere (The Netherlands), but due to COVID-19 the event was postponed until September this year.

The race in 2022 will be the fifth time the World Triathlon Multisport Championships is hosted. In 2017 the event was first introduced in Penticton, Canada. A year later, in 2018, Fyn, Denmark hosted the championships. While we still look forward to the upcoming championships taking place in Almere 2021, in 2022 many athletes will fly out to Townsville for one – or more – of the many races. For 2023 the Multisport Championships have been awarded to Ibiza, Spain.

World Triathlon President and IOC member Marisol Casado is happy that the event will be taking place in Australia next year: “We are delighted to return to Queensland, this time for one of our flagship events: the 5th edition of the Multisport World Championships in Townsville. Over the last years, Australia has become synonymous of triathlon on its multiple variations, and has proved to be a magnificent host for the triathlon family, playing host to some truly memorable performances and great champions, staging races the results of which have helped shape the path of entire seasons.”