Iron Cowboy announces retirement from triathlon after his latest challenge, completing 101 Long Distances in 101 days

(Photo: Facebook, Iron Cowboy)

His latest challenge, finishing 100 long-distance triathlons in 100 consecutive days, was possibly the craziest goal any endurance athlete could aim for, but James Lawrence – known as the Iron Cowboy – completed it. He even added a bonus triathlon to the list. After finishing 101 triathlons in just as many days, the Iron Cowboy has had enough of triathlon for now. “I think I’m officially retired from triathlon,” he told 220 Triathlon in an extensive interview.

“I’m going to get back into my grassroots of strength-training,” he told 220 Triathlon. “As you can see, I’m not built like a typical triathlete; I carry more muscle and I love that,” he continues. “I think I’m going to get more into gravel riding and strength training.”

One of the first big things that’s planned now is a well-deserved vacation and a lot of family time: “It’s family, recovery and in July we’re going to head to Mexico for a week. Then I am going to focus on my coaching career and my speaking career, we’re writing another book, and we’ve filmed a documentary.” Additionally, Lawrence’s focus will shift to strength more than endurance. It suits his body better, Lawrence explains.