Jan Frodeno becomes Supersapiens’ new partner: “I’m still searching for my limits”

(Photo: Kevin Mackinnon)

A few months ago many triathletes were first introduced to Supersapiens when Ironman announced the brand as the new title sponsor for the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii. Ironman is not the only big name partnering up with this innovative brand that allows athletes to constantly track their glucose levels – Jan Frodeno was just announced as Supersapiens’ new partner.

Supersapiens’ Founder and CEO Phil Southerland said: “Adding an athlete as world-class as Jan to the Supersapiens team makes perfect sense. A dominant competitor who recently began integrating the latest tech in his training, we are proud to work with Jan on his fuelling strategy and empower him to make data-backed decisions to maximize performance.”

An interesting quote from Frodeno suggests he still hasn’t reached his full potential, which is quite remarkable since he’s the fastest man over the full-distance triathlon, has won Kona three times and earned himself an Olympic gold medal in 2008. “My ultimate goal in triathlon is yet to be realized,” the 39-year-old Frodeno comments. “Of course, I’m focused on winning the Ironman World Championship this year. However, I haven’t had my perfect day in long distance triathlon yet.”

“I am still searching for my own personal limits and I know Supersapiens technology and the Abbott Libre Sense Glucose Sport Biosensor can help me achieve that. Like many, I was intrigued when I first heard of Supersapiens. But now having had the chance to use the technology in training over the last few months, I’ve realized how much there is for me to learn.”

Frodeno didn’t only gain an insight into his energy levels, he has already started to adapt his fueling based on his blood data: “I’ve already made significant changes to my fuelling based on the data and I’ll look to implement more over the coming years as my body adapts and I continue my pursuit for excellence. I am proud to be at the forefront of this performance evolution, and I have seen first-hand that all triathletes have room for improvement when it comes to fuelling.”