Jan Frodeno looking for a new challenge: funny comments and response to Lionel Sanders

(Photo: Jan Frodeno Instagram)

On Wednesday, Jan Frodeno asked his followers to come up with some nice new sporting challenges. It didn’t take long before Lionel Sanders had come up with a plan. Yesterday he asked Frodeno to come race him at Ironman Coeur D’Alene later this month, saying he would cover all his travel costs. Frodeno responded to some of the suggestions, but not to that one specifically. “There were some great suggestions to my challenge request the other day – thanks to everyone who contributed. A latte art-off with Lionel among the more laughable. Now it’s time to sift through them all and get serious.”

One thing is for sure: Sanders would have hard time both battling with Frodeno in an Ironman and making coffee, because Frodeno – who opened his own café/restaurant recently – is not only a master when it comes to triathlon, but also when it comes to coffee.

There were many other funny suggestions for Frodeno’s new challenge. For instance: doing a reverse long distance race, trying to beat the hour record in cycling, competing in the Tour de France, and qualifying for another Olympics. It was Instagram user “Benjaminbriu” who brought up the caffeine topic: “Who makes a better espresso? You vs. Sanders.” Cameron Wurf’s suggestion will most likely not make the cut: “Don’t do a single training session between now and Kona.”

Another fun suggestion came from “Akersbergatf”: “Compete in each sport against really good athletes dedicated to the sport. So one open water race against swimmers, one bike race with bikers and a run with dedicated runners and aim to be max. 10 percent slower than the winner in each race.”

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