Marten van Riel finds his bike case full of energy-drink powder after it gets lost on a flight

(Photo: Instagram Marten van Riel)

To lose your bike is a triathlete’s nightmare, then to get it back covered with your energy-drink powder is another bad story. Belgian’s Marten van Riel just had both of these things happen to him. After landing in France to put in the last hard work for Tokyo, his bike case was delayed. When it was brought to him the next day there was another unpleasant surprise wainting for him: his energy-drink box had broken.

“Not letting any of that sweet white powder go to waste,” he wrote under a video showing all the mess. “All jokes aside, this is pretty annoying,” he continues, showing how he had to hang out everything that was inside the box. “Next time I will wrap my energy drink in a plastic bag I think.” He came up with a great way of cleaning, though – taking a bath with all the dirty shoes and bottles. At least Van Riel now has his bike again!