Rostislav Pevtsov wins Europe Triathlon Cup Dnipro

(Photo: Triathlon Today)

Azerbaijan’s Rostislav Pevtsov ran himself to the win at Europe Triathlon Cup Dnipro. Behind him, Britain’s Harry Leleu claimed silver (+0:02) and his countryman Cameron Main took home the bronze medal (+0:06).

It was Norway’s Jorgen Gundersen who was in the lead after the swim, coming out of the water after 10:06. Unlike in the women’s race, someone was right in his feet – Leleu. With the entire top ten still within fifteen seconds of each other, a front pack with approximately fifteen men formed during the first lap of the bike.

In the final part of the bike leg, Czech’s Redim Grebik managed to break away from the pack, creating a nice advantage for himself going onto the run. He racked his bike and put on his running shoes nine seconds before the other men followed.

Four men moved into position to chase him down, and after about two km they turned out to be a successful formation as they overtook Grebik. Pevtsov, Leleu and Main took the lead and fought for the highest podium spot. Pevtsov was the one to take the win as he outran Leleu in the final 100 meters, stopping the clock in 51:20.