Throwback: “The crawl” was one of most bizarre triathlon finishes ever

You have celebratory finishes, exuberant finishes, sad finishes, extreme finishes and bizarre finishes. Without a doubt, Wendy Ingraham and Sian Welch’s finish at the Ironman World Championship in 1997 belongs to the last two categories. A few hundred meters before the finish, things went completely wrong and both ladies lost control of their bodies. And, if you think you’ve seen the worst of it, wait until the last thirty meters. With every step they take, they collapse, try to get back on their feet, but fall down again. In the end, they crawl across the finish line, finishing fourth and fifth respectively. Unfortunately, the quality of the video is very poor, but what’s happening is so bizarre that even if you have already seen the video, it still leaves you flabbergasted.