Challenge Roth finds new partner in Newton Running

(Photo: Challenge Roth / Newton Running)

Newton Running will be Challenge Roth’s new shoe partner, an exciting announcement for both organizations as they have a focus on sustainability and creating a better tomorrow. There will be a special edition of Newton Running’s Fusion shoe made for Challenge Roth, which will be released before this year’s event (Sep. 5, 2021). The upper part of the shoe, as well as the laces, will be made from 100 percent recycled materials. Additionally, the sole is made by the so-called EcoPure technology, so it will biodegrade up to 75 percent quicker than other shoes.

The shoe might be sustainable – it’s even the first certified vegan running shoe – but it also helps athletes to run faster and more comfortably due to Newton’s patented Newton Action / Reaction cushioning. “From the first conversation with Newton Running we noticed both of us are on the same wavelength,” said Felix Walchshöfer, Challenge Roth Race Director. “We are both family businesses with a focus on sustainability, and Jerry, the founder of Newton, is as passionate about his shoes as we are about triathlon, so we realized straight away: it fits.”