Christoph Strasser pulverizes 24 hour cycling world record: 1,026.21 kilometers

Strasser sets his world record 24hr on the road. (Picture: website Strasser)

The more you say the distance, the more impressed you become: Austrian ultra-cyclist Christoph Strasser just pulverized the world record for 24 hours of road cycling. In one day, he rode 1,026.21 kilometers; that is an average speed of 42.75 kilometers per hour.

Strasser already held the 24-hour world record on an indoor track (941 kilometers, 2017), but now he has also added the world record on the road to his accomplishments. The record was originally set at 914 kilometers and was held by Slovenian Stanislav Verstovsek, but after just over 21 hours Strasser had already broken that record.

Strasser started yesterday at 5pm CEST and finished an hour ago (as we write this story). His speed regularly rose to 55 kilometers per hour and he also had to deal with rain. That rain continued all day. Strasser had one puncture, an average heart rate of 136 and burned 14,400 calories.