Inspiring: Vincent Luis documentary ‘Invincible’ by Super League Triathlon

(Photo: SLT YouTube Screenshot)

France’s Vincent Luis keeps surprising us with his amazing talent for short-distance racing. After showing what he’s capable of over the past few years, he is one of the favorites for gold in Tokyo. Although he finished with what was, for him, a disappointing sixth in Yokohama, he was on the highest level of the podium in each of the races that he started in 2020. He won four out of the four events that he raced that year. During his career Luis has impressed us with a total of ten wins in either World Triathlon Cups or WTCS races. Twice – in 2019 and 2020 – he won the entire World Triathlon Championship Series, and is therefore the reigning World Champion. There is no doubt that Luis is one of the best athletes in the world, and that’s reason enough to document his story. Super League Triathlon did it. Enjoy the first part of the inspiring SLT documentary “Invincible:”