Start women’s individual triathlon Tokyo Olympics postponed due to weather conditions

The weather conditions for today’s individual women’s race in Tokyo aren’t ideal, but to avoid the worst of the heavy rainfall that is expected, officials decided to postpone the race start with fifteen minutes. “Due to the weather conditions, the event has been delayed and will start at 6.45”, the organization behind the Olympics just stated. Yesterday, it was already predicted that a typhoon would hit Japan sometime today.

“Typhoon No. 8 is expected to make landfall in eastern Japan on July 27, forcing some Olympic events to be rescheduled”, local weather channel Asahi wrote. “The typhoon was traveling north-northwest over waters east of the Japanese archipelago on the morning of July 26, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency. After changing its course westward, it will likely approach the Tohoku and Kanto regions and make landfall on July 27, the agency said.”