PTO criticized for Collins Cup live stream

(Picture: Triathlon Today)

It had to be the best livestream in the history of triathlon: the PTO used quite a few superlatives in recent months when talking about the Collins Cup and especially the way in which this race with the best athletes in the world would be shown. Despite the fact that there were spectacular races taking place today, the criticism of the live stream is not soft.

The biggest criticism is that the livestream was not available in many countries because Eurosport 2 – the channel where the race was broadcast – is only available in a ‘paid package’. The race could be followed via the Eurosport app, but then a subscription had to be taken out, instead of a one-time payment. That bothered many people.

In addition, many followers noticed that it was hard to recognize the athletes because everyone was racing in the same suits. Also, not everyone was enthusiastic about the format in which athletes were racing head-to-head, where it was sometimes unclear what the latest racing developments were.