Talbot Cox on Ironman Copenhagen: “Swim group all cut a massive turn”

(Photo: Talbot Cox Instagram)

Ironman Copenhagen is in full swing. With 63 km on the bike down, it’s currently Germany’s Lukasz Wojt who’s taking the lead. Lionel Sanders – riding in eighth position – is fighting from behind, trying to close a 4:38 deficit and claim a slot for Kona 2022. However, according to “media man” Talbot Cox, a whole group of athletes should be disqualified for missing a turn on the swim. “Ironman athlete BIB number 19 and his swim group all cut a massive turn on the swim course. They all need to be DQ. Please address this,” he says, referring to all the athletes in the “3:05 minute swim group”.

That would be France’s Yvan Jarrige, Italy’s Giulio Molinari, Slovenia’s Jaroslav Kovacic, Brazil’s Igor Amorelli, Poland’s Sebastian Najmowicz and Serbia’s Strahinja Trakic. With a drawing on the map Cox demonstrates how they – according to him – missed a buoy.

Whether Ironman will respond to these allegations, and whether it’s even true, will likely become clear later today.