Five men in the running for the Super League Championship

Jonathan Brownlee and Vincent Luis at Super League Triathlon Munich. (Photo: Petko Beier)

Jonathan Brownlee might be the man at the top of the standings heading into this weekend’s Super League Triathlon Malibu, but there are only four points separating the top four men in the standings, so anything is possible on Zuma beach this weekend.

Brownlee was outsprinted by fellow British athlete Alex Yee last weekend in Jersey, but his runner-up finish was still enough to put him on top of the standings with 41 points. New Zealand’s Hayden Wilde sits in second with 40 points, Yee is third with 39 points and France’s Vincent Luis sits at fourth with 37 points. Vasco Vilaca is fifth with 33 points and still has a mathematical chance to take the title, although it is a long shot – he’d need to win and Brownlee and Wilde would have to finish no higher than fifth.

If Brownlee wins on the weekend he’ll nail down the championship. If he doesn’t, he can still win as long as he beats Wilde and Yee and isn’t more than one spot behind Luis. If Luis wins and Brownlee takes second, he’d still win the overall title.

Luis needs to beat all three of the men ahead of him in the standings to win, and he also needs to finish two spots ahead of Brownlee and Wilde.

Wilde can nail the title if he beats Brownlee and Yee and is no more than one spot behind Luis.

The bottom line is that this weekend’s Eliminator race will be action-packed – especially with the addition of Norway’s Olympic gold medalist Kristian Blummenfelt and 70.3 world champion Gustav Iden.