Can anyone top Jess Learmonth for the Super League Championship?

Jessica Learmonth at the Super League Triathlon Munich (Photo: Petko Beier/SuperLeague)

The simple answer to that is … yes. Despite the fact that Jessica Learmonth has won all of the first three legs of the Super League Championship series, her countrywoman Georgia Taylor-Brown could still take the overall title. And, as we reported yesterday, the addition of Lucy Charles-Barclay and Flora Duffy to this weekend’s finale in Malibu could make it a bit easier for Taylor-Brown to sneak away with the title.

Learmonth still remains in the driver’s seat when it comes to taking the title – she has 45 points to Taylor-Brown’s 42. As long as Learmonth finishes no worse than one place behind her countrywoman, she’ll nail the overall Super League title. Taylor-Brown needs to finish two-spots ahead of Learmonth to earn the title, and the addition of Charles-Barclay and Duffy to the mix makes that much more of a possibility. So far in the series Learmonth and Taylor-Brown have finished first and second in every race, but the addition of the Olympic gold medalist and 70.3 world champion add some interesting dynamics to this weekend’s racing.

In terms of the race for third, British athletes Vicky Holland and Beth Potter find themselves in a tie with American Katie Zaferes heading into the race in Malibu this weekend. The top finisher from that trio will take the final spot on the podium.