Frederic Funk shares data behind fastest bike split Challenge Family The Championship

(Photo: Activimages)

He had the fastest bike split at Sunday’s Challenge Family the Championship. Let’s have a look at Frederic Funk’s data from his fast ride in Samorin, Slovakia. Just like he did after his win at the European Championship at Challenge Walchsee, Funk has shared his Strava details. Over a distance of 89.41 km, the German clocked a time of 1:54:29, averaging 46.9 km per hour.

His highest speed of the day was 65 kph, and the total elevation gain was only 39 meters. His power average was to 340 watts average and 347 watts normalized power. Funk had an average cadence of 82 rpm, meaning 82 rotations per minute, which is rather low. During the bike leg, his heart rate was 172 beats per minute on average and his maximum was 180 bpm.

Funk burned 2,354 calories to get to a third place in The Championship and consumed 900 calories. While he was the fastest man on the bike, Funk suffered on the run, dropping back to a third place and clocking a time of 1:14:10. In comparison to Austria’s Thomas Steger, who was the fastest runner of the day, he was 7:53 slower.