Jan Frodeno to organize ‘dirty adventure race’ in and around Girona on Oct. 31

(Photo: Jan Frodeno Instagram)

The public have spoken.” Last Monday, Jan Frodeno asked his Instagram followers if they would be interested in a race as an “alternative” to the postponed 2021 Ironman World Championship on Hawaii. The event would take place on Oct. 31, 2021, in and around his hometown Girona, Spain. There are plenty of nice places to stay and eat there, Frodeno referred to his own recently opened hotel and café.

At least 93% of you are up for a dirty adventure,” Frodeno stated on Instagram. Given his choice of words, it seems like we can expect him to organize an off-road triathlon. All the details will have to follow later, but what we do know is that the race takes place on Oct. 31, and it covers a total distance of 100 km of swim-bike-run. “Registrations will go live this week, and we will make entering well worth your while,” Frodeno ends his message.

It’s not the first time that Frodeno organizes his own race. He did so earlier this year too, organizing the Tri Battle Royale in Germany. That race wasn’t open to the public, though. Only Canada’s Lionel Sanders and Frodeno participated in what turned out to be an unofficial world-record attempt race. Frodeno was able to break the official world record that he set himself during Challenge Roth 2016. He noted an impressive time of 7:27:53 hours, but as the race wasn’t an open event, had a perfect line rolled out in the water and made use of a ramp during the bike part, it wasn’t listed as an official record.


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