Ruben Zepuntke shares data behind fastest bike split Challenge Roth [VIDEO]

(Photo: Triathlon Today)

He may have nailed the fastest bike split during Sunday’s Challenge Roth, but it burned a few too many matches for Ruben Zepuntke, who struggled massively during the marathon. The former German pro cyclist rode 3:46:43 on the shortened bike course, but with a run time of 3:43:05, he wasn’t much faster on this final discipline. Still, it’s nice to have a closer look at that moment within the race when Zepuntke was on fire. Let’s see how many watts he pushed.

Zepuntke shows on Strava that he rode an average of 331 watts over 166 kilometers. His two-second peak was 728 watts. For one minute his peak was a maximum of 535 watts, for five minutes 417 watts and in ten minutes his highest peak was 383 watts. The numbers are great, and it saw him end up with the fastest bike split, but Zepuntke eventually crossed the line in 27th place with a finish time of 8:20:47. Nils Frommhold, who took second overall and also clocked the second-fastest bike time, was four minutes slower on the bike. Frommhold took 7:30:31 to complete the entire race.