Ratasepp sets record for 20 full-distance races despite car crash

Photo: Rait Ratasepp

Estonia’s Rait Ratasepp is trying to set a new world record completing 60 full-distance races in 60 days and, on the way, has set a new record for completing 20 full-distance races in a row. He now owns the three fastest “20-time ultratriathlon times in the world: 225:28:08 (2021), 225:32:41 (2019) and 238:52:34 (2018).”

Ratasepp achieved that record despite having lost time due to a car crash in which his bike was pretty much destroyed. He was able to get a replacement bike from Playitas Sports Resort for six days, but that bike was considerably slower than his Scott Plasma. The poor fit also affected his legs for the marathon runs after the bikes. Before the accident Ratasepp was six hours faster than he’d been for his last multiple full-distance series in 2019 and hoped to be 10 hours faster through the 20 fulls, but lost a lot of that time on the different bike. He’s back on a new bike put together by his sponsor back in Estonia now – the day he was able to ride the new bike he broke six hours for the 180 km ride in Fuerteventura, then ran a 3:09:11 marathon, his fastest so far. He’s averaged 3:20 for all his marathons so far.

Here’s a list of Ratasepp’s times for the first 22 days of his 60-day challenge:

Day 1: 10:34:12

Day 2: 10:43:25

Day 3: 10:55:46

Day 4: 11:19:02

Day  5: 11:25:34

Day 6: 11:04:17

Day 7: 10:50:37

Day 8: 10:44:55

Day 9: 10:39:18

Day 10: 10:49:57

Day 11: 10:30:51

Day 12: 10:42:23

Day 13: 10:46:13

Day 14: 14:20:09

Day 15: 11:56:12

Day 16: 12:24:59

Day 17: 11:28:37

Day 18: 11:24:10

Day 19: 11:25:57

Day 20: 11:21:34

Day 21: 11:14:24

Day 22: 10:47:11

You can follow Ratasepp’s progress on his website: https://raitratasepp.ee/en