Sereno and Perez tops at Americas Triathlon Championship, Gupta-Baltazar takes NCAA National Qualifier in St. George

Photo: Paul Clawson (@shuttertri) Instagram

We don’t have much to go on as official results haven’t been posted and no press info has been sent out, but we do know the top three from today’s standard-distance race at the Americas Triathlon Championship in St. George, Utah, along with the top-three women who took part in the NCAA National Qualifier race. Here’s a list of the podium finishers from today’s event, courtesy of USA Triathlon. We’ll add times to this list once they become available.

Elite Women: 

  1. Gina Sereno, USA 
  2. Dominika Jammicky, Canada 
  3. Sara Roel, Mexico 

Elite Men: 

  1. Irving Perez, Mexico 
  2. Charles Paquet, Canada 
  3. Brent Demarest, USA 

U23 Women:

  1. Cecilia Sayuri Ramirez Alavez, Mexico 
  2. Raquel Solis Guerrero, Costa Rica 
  3. Liberty Ricca, USA 

U23 Men:

  1. Diego Moya, Chile 
  2. Chase McQueen, USA
  3. Austin Hindman, USA

The weekend’s racing also included a sprint-distance NCAA National Qualifier event:

  1. Kira Gupta Baltazar Canada
  2. Gillian Cridge USA
  3. Freya McKinnley USA