This is what athletes earned from four weeks of Super League Triathlon

After a month of four weekends in a row of Super League Championship Series races in September (London, Munich, Jersey and Malibu), quite a few athletes are going home with nice amounts of money. What did all these top athletes actually earn? We have made an overview for you.

Prize money breakdown for the women who competed throughout the series:
Georgia Taylor-Brown: US$140,000
Jess Learmonth: US$136,000
Katie Zaferes: US$52,500
Vicky Holland: US$43,500
Beth Potter: US$42,000
Vittoria Lopes: US$35,000
Taylor Spivey: US$28,500
Cassandre Beaugrand: US$26,500
Leonie Periault: US$16,000
Sophie Coldwell: US$15,000
Non Stanford: US$14,500
Ilaria Zane: US$10,000
Emilie Morier: US$10,000
Simon Ackermann: US$7,500
Gillian Sanders: US$7,500
Rachel Klamer: US$7,500
Maya Kingma: US$7,000
Anna Godoy: US$5,000
Yuko Takahashi: US$2,500
Valerie Barthelemy: US$2,500

Prize money breakdown for the men who competed throughout the series:
Alex Yee: US$120,000
Hayden Wilde: US$104,500
Jonathan Brownlee: US$73,000
Vincent Luis: US$61,000
Vasco Vilaca: US$47,000
Seth Rider: US$41,500
Matthew Hauser: US$34,000
Marten Van Riel: US$26,500
Max Studer: US$16,500
Marco van der Stel: US$15,000
Shachar Sagiv: US$14,500
Tayler Reid: US$12,000
Kenji Nener: US$11,000
Mario Mola: US$10,000
Alessandro Fabian: US$8,500
Jonas Schomburg: US$7,500
Aaron Royle: US$6,500
Jacob Birtwhistle: US$5,500
Tamás Tóth: US$5,000
Jannik Schaufler: US$2,500