Joe Skipper: “I was hit by a van at about 50kph”

(Photo: Instagram Joe Skipper)

“The bikes a complete write off, normally after a crash you worry about your bike and the first thing you think of is, is my bike ok!? After this crash I wasn’t even worried that my bike was written off as I knew I was extremely lucky to be able to walk away from this and had the point of collision been 20 cm different it could have been a very different story and I may have sustained a career ending injury.” While out on a ride, last week, Joe Skipper got hit by a van. Although his bike is to be written off, he’s lucky to have gotten away without any major injuries.

It happened at a speed of about 50 kph. The van hit Skipper where his bike chain was. “It shot through a junction and collided with me, luckily hitting into the chain stay and just missing my legs. I was very lucky as I landed on a grass verge, which must have cushioned my landing as I was somehow able to walk away from it. This crash happened in the middle of nowhere, so be careful out there everyone and sometimes when you least expect a crash to happen it’s when it can occur.”