Speaker Mike Reilly has announced 200 Ironmans

Reilly just before IM Arizona. (Picture: Instagram Reilly)

It’s quite a special milestone: Mike Reilly went around the world as a speaker of Ironman races and last Sunday he was at the finish line again during Ironman Arizona: an Age Group Only race. That race was an extra special one for Reilly, because it was his two hundredth (!) Ironman that he experienced as a speaker.

For many athletes, the magical words “You are an Ironman” have been uttered hundreds of thousands of times by Reilly, and thousands more were spoken last weekend. In addition to being a speaker, Reilly is also a commentator, author, ‘Ironman and USA Triathlon Hall of Famer’ and a member of the ‘Running USA Hall of Champions’.

Ironman Arizona was won last Sunday by American Jan Stepinski and American Fabia Maramotti. They took 8:23:30 and 9:57:34 to complete the race, respectively.