Tommy Zaferes becomes talent ID coordinator for USA Triathlon

Photo: Wagner Araujo/ Tommy Zaferes Facebook

Tommy Zaferes, an elite triathlete and photographer for World Triathlon, has been hired by USA Triathlon to be part of its high performance staff – he’ll be the talent ID coordinator for the organization.

“Zaferes, husband of two-time Olympic medalist Katie Zaferes, will lead and develop programs to identify, recruit, assess and support USA Triatlon’s future Olympic and Paralympic medalists,” USA Triathlon wrote in a release.

“USA Triathlon is proud to bring Tommy onto our staff,” said Joe Maloy, USA Triathlon’s High Performance Development Manager. “Tommy has a skillset and background that is relatable to the prospective and up-and-coming elite triathlete — and as a skilled photographer and digital marketer, he’s a great storyteller, too. With a background as an Olympic Trials-level swimmer who transitioned to triathlon, Tommy knows the intricacies and nuances of the sport and can lend authenticity when recruiting athletes into the USA Triathlon High Performance pipeline. I know Tommy is ready to hit the ground running as we build off the tremendous success of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.” 

A former elite swimmer who took part in the 2008 Olympic swimming trials, Zaferes turned to triathlon in 2010 and competed as an elite triathlete. He has since transitioned to working as a photographer for World Triathlon – he will continue that role as well.

“This opportunity came along at the perfect time — it was truly meant to be. I’m stoked to be able to utilize my experience of having lived the life of a professional triathlete over the last 12 years, and the knowledge accrued by training, racing, photographing, and interviewing the best triathletes and paratriathletes in the world,” Zaferes said. “I look forward to seeking out the future of USA Triathlon high performance, and showcasing the amazing opportunities triathlon and paratriathlon have to offer. The pressure is on to help find and mentor the next generation of Olympians and Paralympians, but I’m up for the task.”

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