Frederic Funk and Jan Stratmann share stats of first week training camp in Spain

(Photo: Ruben Best, Instagram)

They are both German and both very promising upcoming triathletes: we are talking about Frederic Funk and Jan Stratmann. The two athletes are currently pushing each other to the max with a training camp on the Spanish island Fuerteventura. It was a big – but relatively easy in Funk’s case – first week of training, as they both shared an overview of the work they did. A total of 26:43 hours in case of Funk and Stratmann trained 30:30 hours. Let’s have a look at what these successful athletes get themselves into during “offseason”.

“Finishing my first training week with a longish run to the famous lighthouse and five hours in the front row with Jan Stratmann around the island”, Funk says under a photo of the two that somehow looks a lot like a Zwift avatar. But this is the real world, and there are no secrets to what a real week of training looks like. He shares the following overview of his training week:

  • 6 hours of swimming, 21.5 km
  • 14:14 hours of cycling, 419 km
  • 4:44 hours of running, 54.4 km
  • 1:45 hour of strength and stretching

Total: 26:43 hours for the first week of training camp. “A lot for the first week but all in chill mode and no intensity #nosecrets”, Funk adds.

Stratmann trained a few hours more than his training partner. “Yesterday started with hill reps into six minutes tempo. After a big breakfast, I did a short recovery swim and ended the day with a 2.5-hour ride spiced with 4×5 minutes Intervals. Today was a classic “longo day”: a lighthouse run in the morning followed by a five-hour ride with the content crew”, Stratmann says before sharing his weekly stats:

  • 23.3 km of swimming
  • 446 km of cycling
  • 88.8 km of running
  • 2.5 hours in the gym

Total: 30:30 hours. Stratmann doesn’t specify how many hours he needed per discipline. He adds one much more important detail, though: “Eighteen donuts consumed.”