Holly Lawrence inspires woman to run: “You rock lady”

(Photo: Instagram Holly Lawrence)

That pro athletes can be a great inspiration is nothing new, but that you directly see the result of what you do, is not so common. While Holly Lawrence was doing her hill-reps, yesterday, she inspired a neighbor to do the same. On Instagram, the British athlete wrote: “This made my day and I had to share. Doing hill reps on this quiet residential street, a woman walking her dog asked how many reps I was doing and said I had inspired her.”

And she put that inspiration to work straight away, because the woman returned in workout clothes. “She ran into her house, dropped off the dog and started doing hill reps too. We cheered and smiled each time we passed each other. It took me a minute to get to the top and her probably two minutes, but even when I was finished she carried on, and I’m pretty sure she matched how many I did. You rock lady”, Lawrence adds with the hashtag ‘power of the people’.