Lionel Sanders invites pro cyclist Phil Gaimon to swim, bike and run training [VIDEO]

(Photo: YouTube)

How do a pro triathlete and a former pro cyclist compare on the bike, in the water and on the run? After Lionel Sanders – last year – stole Phil Gaimon’s KOM on the famous Mount Lemmon (Tuscon, USA), Gaimon felt like he needed to see – and experience – in real life how fit a triathlete actually is. Sanders, on the other hand, was interested to see how fast a pro cyclist can swim and run.

How do their numbers compare? In a video on Sanders’ YouTube account, we can see the two men complete a rough training session. In another video, Gaimon shows how the two compared on the swim and run. Check out both videos below.

Sanders vs. Gaimon, the bike part:

Sanders vs Gaimon, the swim and run part