Olympic Champion Tom Pidcock: “Time trial bikes are dangerous to train on”

(Photo: Instagram Tom Pidcock)

“Positions are getting more and more extreme, and we spend more time trying to hold these positions. You don’t necessarily see where you’re going.” It’s what Olympic Champion Tom Pidcock said in an interview with BBC, after his team member Egan Bernal crashed during a training ride on his TT-bike, earlier this week.

Tour de France winner Bernal crashed into a stationary bus and was brought into the hospital with severe injuries. According to Pidcock the crash could have something to do with the fact that Bernal was riding on a TT-bike, which is specifically designed for high speeds and less maneuverable out on the road.

“I don’t think we need to stop progressing, but think about how we can train in a safer way and try to mitigate these crashes”, Pidcock continues. “I crashed on a time trial bike, Ben (Turner, Ineos team-mate, ed.) crashed on a time trial bike. Egan’s now crashed – it’s getting quite extreme, the position. I think that’s the biggest causes of the crashes recently.”