Poll: “Should there be an exception for a non-vaccinated pro athlete?”

(Photo: Pinterest)

The tennis world is upside down about the unvaccinated Novak Djokovic not being allowed – thus far – to enter Australia and to take part in the Australian open. While many people argue whether an exception should be made for the star player, we wondered how triathletes would feel about this if the situation were to arise in the triathlon world?

Clearly, most people (87 percent) believe that there shouldn’t be exceptions for people when it comes to the rules. That means 13 percent would support an exception to be made in this case.

“Community safety and health for all over pro sports and profits. Step up. Be a role mode”, “Markjmakler’ commented on the Instagram sticker.

Instagram’s user ‘Lennimac5’ shared a different point of view: “Covid-19 vaccination doesn’t stop the spread of Covid-19, nor does it tell you whether you have it or not.”

Like many comments stated, ‘Fergongar’ said: “Rules are for everybody.”

‘Eduardoortiz95’ replied: “It’s a personal decision! Not being vaccinated doesn’t make it more contagious. Just take a PCR test.”