Who are the Real Triathlon Squad?

Photo: Real Triathlon Squad Instagram

North American triathlon fans will likely have seen some of the social media posts from a group of six triathletes who took part in a training camp in St. George, Utah over the last week. The Real Triathlon Squad includes Canadians Jackson Laundry and Tamara Jewett, along with Americans Nick Chase, Lesley Smith, Garrick Lowen and Lisa Becharas. Over the last week the group was busy both training and creating some entertaining social media posts.

The “squad” looks to support sponsors through the creation of different types of content, including the weekly “Real Triathlon” podcast.

“It is exciting to explore opportunities to collaborate with other athletes,” Jewett said when it was announced she would be joining the “squad” at the end of last year. “Especially true in a sport like triathlon where between long endurance efforts and hopping in and out of training with swim, bike or run-focused groups, it’s easy to fall into a pattern of working mostly alone. There is so much to learn from each member of the Real Triathlon Squad and I look forward to having fun working together in 2022.”

They were certainly busy over the last week, posting numerous Instagram and Facebook posts. In addition to some that showed some hard training, others showed just how much fun the group has together. Triathlon fans will no-doubt remain entertained and impressed the the groups posts and results through the rest of 2022.