Five reasons to hop on your bike for an outdoor ride in winter

(Photo: Pixabay)

With Zwift, Rouvy, fancy indoor trainers and the availability of Netflix, it’s tempting to always ride your bike indoors during the winter period. But there’s plenty of reason to conquer the mud, rain and wind. Don’t hesitate to take that beautiful bike for a spin outdoors, even when it’s cold. We got you covered with a list of five reasons to go out for a ride.

1. Feel like a real beast

Nothing beats the feeling of a shower after a rainy and cold ride. You just feel on top of the world and satisfied with yourself if you’ve managed to leave the house to enjoy some fresh air, despite the winter weather giving you all the reason not to. It feels raw and good. A feeling you probably won’t get from a Zwift ride, no matter how much you sweat.

2. Nature beats virtual reality

Alright, Zwift looks nice, and it’s fun to ride with other people and to occasionally join a race, but riding outdoors… There’s nothing quite like it, is there? Plus: being surrounded by nature is much more beneficial for your mental healthy than watching a virtual world fly by on your computer screen.

3. Strong in the winter, unbeatable in summer

Not only summer bodies are made in winter, so are tough mentalities. If you continue your training – with nearly as many hours – in winter, your shape won’t take such a hit. It may be hard to ride outdoors in winter, but it does force your body to work hard and that will make you stronger in the long run. Once the temperatures rise, you won’t struggle as much to go out for long rides again. On the other hand, people who only rode indoors and didn’t spend so many hours in the saddle, might have a harder time getting back to cycling outdoors again. The tough conditions also create a strong mentality. Good for when you struggle during a race; you might be able to deal with it better than someone who always enjoys the “luxury” of indoor rides when it’s cold outside.

4. Quiet roads

While the road can be packed in summer with people enjoying a day trip – in the worst case on an e-bike that they can’t really control – in winter the roads are empty, and that means you won’t have to deal with so many other people during your ride. That saves you from having to overtake a group of slow teenagers that wander around, and it saves you the humiliation of being taken over by an old person on an e-bike. How convenient!

5. Hot chocolate and snacks

If you’ve forced yourself out of the house to bike through winter weather conditions, you deserve a treat. Not only to keep you warm, but also to reward yourself. Bring some hot chocolate, or look forward to drinking some once you’re home. It’s the perfect excuse, isn’t it?