Russian Daria Rogozina wins 2022 Europe Triathlon Winter Championships

Rogozina (Picture: World Triathlon)

It was not an easy race; athletes had to run, bike, cross-country ski and do it twice in a row. In the end, the 2022 Europe Triathlon Winter Championships was won by Russian Daria Rogozina. It was a Russian party at the race anyway, as her compatriots Svetlana Sokolova and Anna Medvedeva came in second and third.

The race took place in Asiago, Italy, and so it was Rogozina who won the race after 1:43:23. The race was quite a close call, since runner-up Sokolova finished in 1:44:40. Behind Sokolova was a slightly larger gap; Medvedeva took the bronze medal after a finish time of 1:46:56.

A total of seventeen elite women were competing in the 2022 Europe Triathlon Winter Championships. Rogozina – born in 1996 – also won the U23 race and therefore could celebrate a double party.