Wahoo launches new products: Kickr Rollr and Powerlink Zero

Wahoo Kickr Rollr. (Photo: Wahoo)

It was a big week for Wahoo. Not only did they launch their brand new Kickr Rollr, but also a new Wahoo power meter: the Wahoo Powerlink Zero.

According to Wahoo the new home trainer contains two rollers and has the “convenience and natural ride feel of rollers” with the “performance advantages of a smart trainer”.

“Kick Rollr takes the traditional roller design, which has been the mainstay of indoor training since the golden days of cycling, and reimagines it. Designed to accommodate a wide range of frame and tire sizes via a quick-release adjustable wheelbase clamp, Kick Rollr makes it easy to take bikes on and off, making it ideal for those athletes who want to quickly transition from indoor training to riding outside, as well as for households where multiple riders use the same trainer”, Wahoo states.

Since you don’t have to remove your rear wheel, you can easily use the Kickr Rollr to warm up for a training session or event. Ideal for when you don’t want to make changes to your bike, but still need to do some cycling before a race. Pro cyclist felt the same way, because the Kickr Rollr was used for warming up during the 2021 UCI World Championship. It wasn’t yet released, so athletes “secretly” tested the product.

The second product that Wahoo launched, is the Speedplay Powerlink Zero power meter. This system is attached to the popular Speedplay cleat system. You could either buy a one-sided power meter (250 grams), or the double power meter (276 grams).

The Kickr Rollr has a retail price of 799.99 euros. In combination with the one-sided Speedplay Powerlink Zero, the price is 1399.99 euros. You could also buy the power meter separately for 649.99 euros (one-sided) and 999.99 euros (double-sided).

Wahoo Speedplay Powerlink Zero power meter.