Challenge Family follows World Triathlon’s & IOC’s ‘explicit recommendation’ to exclude Russian athletes

Challenge Family has just posted an official statement about the ban on athletes from Russia and Belarus. You can read this statement below – which shows that Challenge Family adopts the recommendations of World Triathlon and IOC.

“Challenge Family continues to be shocked and dismayed by the war in Ukraine and our thoughts are with all those experiencing extreme suffering due to the actions of the Russian government.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) and World Triathlon have issued an explicit recommendation to exclude athletes from Russia and Belarus from international sporting events and Challenge Family will follow this recommendation, effective immediately. Athletes affected will be contacted directly by the individual race organisers.

We acknowledge so many Russian and Belarusian people did not ask for this war and we admire the public protests and demands for peace by Russians, made at great personal risk to themselves. This decision was therefore anything but easy for us but we must take it to protect the integrity of global sport and to take a united stand against this violent act of war.

When peace returns and sanctions are dropped, we look forward to a time when once again all athletes are able to come together to celebrate the sport we all love so much.”