Frederic Funk shares details of tough training day in Girona [VIDEO]

(Photo: Frederic Funk Screenshot YouTube)

“Join me for my big training day during our training camp in Girona. Intervals on the track, a hard bike session, a short run off the bike, a 4.5K swim set and of course some ‘behind the scenes'”. The reigning Middle Distance European Champion Frederic Funk takes us along on a triple training day during his training camp in Girona, Spain.

After the alarm went off early, Funk started his day with coffee. And good thing he did, because a tough training schedule awaited him. The German star athlete started his training day with an interval run session on the track, running 3 x (8×200 meters) in 33-34 seconds, with 200 meters rest. The bike part that followed, consisted of 3×10 minutes with one minute at 435 watts, two minutes at 415 watts, three minutes at 395 watts and four minutes at 355 watts. Directly after the run, Funk put his running hoes back on for another run session; this time approximately five km in 20 minutes.

Due to the bad weather, Funk decided to finish his day in the pool. The swim was structured as follows: 400 meters warming up, 6×100 meters kicks and medley, 3 x (500 meters with pull buoy – 5×100 leaving every 1:20 minute) and a 500-meter cooldown.