Lucy Charles suffers a stress fracture in hip: “2022 season on pause”

(Photo: Lucy Charles Instagram)

It seems like we won’t be seeing Lucy Charles at the start of any race in the near future, because the British star athlete suffers from a stress fracture in her hip. That means the Ironman World Championship St. George, but also the Pho3nix Sub-8 project, are “out of the question” for Charles, as she said so herself.

“Sport can be cruel sometimes […] Unfortunately, an MRI scan on Friday confirmed I have a stress fracture in my left hip and I will need some time to heal”, she explains. “For now the 2022 season is on pause & my focus is on rest, recovery, and healing. I would like to thank my team and sponsors at this time for their incredible support. Together we will get through this and I will come back stronger.”

“This is still early days; we don’t really know how long this is going to take to heal. It could take four weeks, or it could take four months. It’s not the best news, but I’m trying to stay as positive as possible.”

With both Charles and Nicola Spirig struggling with injuries – Spirig crashed earlier this year with her bike and suffered a fractured collarbone and some broken ribs – and the Pho3nix Sub-8 project already taking place in two months time, the question is whether the women’s Sub-8 attempt is still on.

The video, in which she shares an insight into her injury and recovery journey, Charles explains it’s not only the stress fracture that made the start of 2022 rather stressful. Also, Charles’ husband, Reece Barclay, struggled with his health, she explains.