Points of Interest now visible on all Strava map layers

Strava’s recently announced Points of Interest feature is now visible on all map layers, including the new 3-D terrain style. These two recent products updates are now being brought together to improve routing and on-trail experience for athletes.

‘With this latest update, Strava aims to inspire even more adventure by giving athletes the tools to plan ahead, particularly if they’re exploring a new trail or route.’

-Both features are available on both mobile and web

-The points of Interest feature is free and accessible to all athletes: 3D Maps is a subscription feature

-App version 224 or higher is required

-Strava users can access via the Routes or Record tab, and subscribers can toggle map layers to see 3D maps

-Trails ans crosswalks are more visible on all maps

‘Start Points’ are popular spots that Strava athletes start their activities from, like parking lots or trailheads. If athletes press and hold on a Start Point, the route recommendations will move to a new spot – one that other athletes have used in the past, so athletes know that they are verified.