Zwift fights cheating: in-game height and weight adjustments no longer allowed

(Photo: Zwift)

It’s a fantastic distraction during winter time and offers a great possibility to push yourself with a race occasionally, but it’s not always fair and realistic. We’re talking about Zwift. The online cycling platform works hard to battle cheaters, though. That’s why Zwift announced a new update that makes races fairer, as people are no longer allowed to adjust their height and weight during an event.

“Today, we are beginning a series of security changes to address an exploit in game where a Zwifter could change their weight while in an activity in an attempt to gain an unfair advantage in competition”, Zwift stated on their forum. “This exploit could be detected on Zwift servers, but would be hidden from public view, therefore impacting community racing. The first fix, which is live today, addresses competitive integrity and ensures greater fairness, specifically in events”, they explain.

Athletes used to be able to adjust their height and weight during an event, because as long as they would put it back to “normal” before the finish line, nobody was able to detect the change. An unfair trick that came in handy, especially for races with a lot of climbs.

As of Thursday, Mar. 3, Zwifters can’t adjust their height and weight during an event. If you still try to adjust your height and weight on, an error will pop up. Also, adjustments in the Companion app will not be saved. Changes in height and weight can now only be saved when you’re either logged out or logged in, but not active in any event.