Cassandre Beaugrand and Dorian Coninx take the day at Europe Triathlon Cup Melilla

(Photo: Europe Triathlon)

She ran by far the fastest 5K of the day, and that resulted in a big win for France’s Cassandre Beaugrand today during the Europe Triathlon Cup in Melilla. She shared the podium with France’s Leonie Periault and Denmark’s Alberte Kjaer Pedersen, who took second and third respectively. In the men’s race, another French athlete on the highest stage: Dorian Coninx took the win, as he outran Britain’s Barclay Izzard (+0:02) and France’s Tom Richard (+0:18).

Women’s race

Beaugrand was already right in the front after the swim. With a time of 6:57 minutes behind her name, she was first out of the water. Both eventual podium finishers managed to stay with her: Pedersen and Periault. On the bike, a handful of other athletes, who were a bit behind after the swim, caught up with them. Once on the run, all the other athletes that we in the mix saw that they were going to have a hard time if they wanted to get in between Beaugrand and the win. With a time of 16:10 minutes on the 5K Beaugrand noted the fastest time of the day, which also meant that she took off with a big win.

Men’s race

Just like Beaugrand was in the women’s race, Coninx found himself in the front after the swim. However, unlike in the women’s race, many athletes followed behind him. That resulted in a group of approximately 15 athletes finding each other’s company on the bike. Izzard may have been the fastest runner of the day, because of Coninx being two seconds faster in T2, it was him who claimed the victory.