Wednesday, 29 Mar, 2023

Hayden Wilde and Olivia Thornbury win small-scale Oceania Triathlon Cup Mt. Maunganui

Hayden Wilde wins the race. (Picture: Instagram / hamishcollie)

It may have been a race with few participants; yet for both Hayden Wilde and Olivia Thornbury to win the 2022 Oceania Triathlon Cup Mt. Maunganui was a nice boost. In total there were only just over twenty athletes at the start, all but three of who were from New Zealand.

Hayden Wilde won the race after 53:08 minutes and made the biggest difference during the run. His compatriots Janus Staufenberg and Dylan Mccullough finished second and third. Staufenberg finished after 53:35 and Mccullough after 53:43.

In the women’s race, the differences were even a bit smaller. When Thornbury crossed the finish line after 1:00:32, it was just five seconds before Andrea Hansen won the silver. Ainsley Thorpe became third, only four seconds behind Hansen.

Olivia Thornbury (Picture: Instagram / hamishcollie)



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