Kristian Blummenfelt on 7.5 hours day: ‘Extensive before making it intensive’

Kristian Blummenfelt completed a 7.5hr training day (Picture: Mikaliden / Instagram Blummenfelt)

Many people had to laugh at pro athlete Cameron Wurf once again after he responded to Kristian Blummenfelt’s most recent post on Instagram. The Norwegian, in fact, posted a picture about a training day that he had of no less than 7.5 hours. Wurf responded wittily: ‘Pffff Overtraining, it doesn’t even take you that long for an IM.’

Of course, Wurf is referring to Kristian Blummenfelt’s debut on the Long Distance, when he recorded a lightning-fast time of 7:21:12 at Ironman Cozumel last year; the fastest time ever on the Long Distance. In the end, incidentally, his record time was not accepted because the swim was done entirely with the current from behind.

Blummenfelt replied just as wittily to Wurf: ‘Extensive before making it intensive’