Crashes in sports caused by spectators: big crash in Cycling Tour of Turkey [VIDEO]

(Photo: Screenshot YouTube)

Swans that cross the road, sassy geese, cars that overlook an athlete – like happened to Vincent Luis – and then there are the “normal” pedestrians that seem to have no clue that a race is happening. There are many things that can go wrong during races, like we’ve seen many times within triathlon, but also the cycling world was upside down today after a big crash in the Cycling Tour of Turkey. The crash was caused by a man who was standing in the middle of the road while the peloton approached. It just shows again that even when a road is completely closed for traffic – something that isn’t always the case in triathlon – things can go terribly wrong.

The French cyclist Nacer Bouhanni had to leave the Cycling Tour of Turkey after the crash, and multiple athletes sustained injuries. The man in yellow on the side of the road tried to take the pedestrian off the road, but didn’t manage. The cyclists ended up crashing into both men.