Laura Philipp: “I wanted to be in St. George already, but had to cancel my flight”

(Photo: Instagram Laura Philipp)

Laura Philipp showed to be on fire this season, as she kicked it off with a big win – and a new world record – at Ironman 70.3 Dubai. She was one of the women to watch for the upcoming Ironman World Championship in St. George, but a flu got in her way, she explains: “I wanted to be in St. George already, but I had to cancel my flight. It’s like a nightmare, but I have unfortunately caught a serious cold, which is currently keeping me in bed with a high fever. After years of never being sick, I now seem to get everything at once.”

Philipp hasn’t completely given up on racing the Ironman World Championship, but it doesn’t look promising. “I can’t put my disappointment into words right now, and I still hope that there might be a small chance for a start at the World Championships, as I worked so hard for this for months. It will be a battle between how fast I can recover vs. how much time I have left to fly to the USA and be healthy and with enough power for a World Championship race. Keep your fingers crossed for me”, she concludes.