Wahoo acquires RGT Cycling and unveils new Wahoo X subscription service


Wahoo has acquired the virtual cycling platform RGT Cycling (now Wahoo RGT). This latest move builds on the 2019 acquisition of The Sufferfest and its subsequent rebranding to Wahoo SYSTM.

To make it easier and more cost-effective for athletes to take advantage of both platforms, Wahoo has today also announced its launch of Wahoo X. This is a new premium subscription service that gives athletes full access to all of the features and content for both Wahoo SYSTM and Wahoo RGT under a single convenient subscription, account, and login.

Wahoo is offering the new Wahoo X bundled subscription for the same price as the previous stand-alone SYSTM subscription. According to the company, this makes it… ‘a market leading option for athletes who want to realise the benefits of both structured training and virtual cycling.’

The new single-sign on Wahoo account will also work across other Wahoo products and touchpoints, including the ELEMNT Companion App, Wahoo Fitness App, and wahoofitness.com.

The company adds that… ‘Wahoo RGT represents the next generation of virtual cycling, allowing cyclists to ride, race and explore on highly-detailed virtual roads, either alone or with others.

‘Powered by an advanced physics engine, Wahoo RGT provides realistic drafting, cornering and braking, making it less like a video game and more like an immersive cycling simulator.’

Athletes can choose from a library of some of cycling’s most iconic routes and race courses – complete with scenery and virtual fans – or upload their own GPX file from any route in the world and let RGT build a virtual version with its Magic Roads feature.

RGT also has a strong social component and calendar of virtual events. Subscribers have the ability to create, customise and schedule virtual events like group rides and races, and invite athletes from around the world. Users can join public events created by the RGT community and RGT’s brand partners.

Building on its 2019 of The Sufferfest, which was last year rebranded to Wahoo SYSTM, this additional platform offers comprehensive training for cyclists and triathletes. Here, personalised workouts can be paired with immersive, video-based content, as well as yoga, strength, and mental training, all integrated into customizable training plans for cycling and multisport.

“The acquisition of RGT Cycling and the launch of the new Wahoo X subscription service gives athletes more options, more convenience, and more control over how they train,” said Mike Saturnia, CEO of Wahoo.

“With a single subscription and one account that works across the entire suite of Wahoo products, we’re able to deliver unprecedented value and a best-in-class experience that seamlessly integrates the Wahoo ecosystem of hardware and software solutions, allowing athletes to get the most out of their training, whether indoors or outdoors.

“And while the benefits are best realised through the Wahoo ecosystem, we’re committed to ensuring that our expanded offering of comprehensive training and virtual cycling software remains open and compatible with key industry players and standards. Athlete choice and freedom will continue to be at the heart of everything we do at Wahoo.”